Nature Board Book


NATURE Board Book
by Deeksha Chopra Bhatia


by Deeksha Chopra Bhatia

What is Nature?  is a question that pops out quite often nowadays. While the world moves towards technology, it is important to take a step back and connect with nature. NATURE is one such book that brings back the lost connection and introduces nature early in the childhood. It is a book for young minds to discover the natural beauty of their city, with special emphasis on plants and birds native to Delhi. The book features exquisite illustrations of native trees and birds and is a perfect gift for parents to share with their children.

About Deeksha Chopra Bhatia

Deeksha is a New Delhi-based environment professional with years of experience in the domain of environmental sustainability. She is a writer, ecological designer, and an avid nature lover. She was inspired to write this book as she felt the need for a book that helps bringing back the lost connection to nature in children. Having worked with kids in the past (pre-Covid times), she understands the importance of being one with the nature and bringing nature into the lives of young minds.

She is a wife and a mother to a toddler who loves books too! Her book intends to increase the awareness of native floral and faunal species and the appreciation of the local natural environment. She also hopes that this book will encourage parents to get involved with kids in outdoor fun activities and enjoy the magical world around them.

She is a consultant with California Native Garden Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California, USA. She has a certification in sustainable landscape design and development (SITES AP) and assists in designing outdoor spaces that support healthy ecosystems. As an Environmental Educator, she designs educational programs including workshops, talks, and curricula on topics such as water conservation, waste management, soil health, urban environmental sustainability, etc. She writes grants that focus on environmental education, developing farm models, and ecological gardens. Her articles had been published with international foundations that advocate for environmental sustainability. In the past, she has worked with several national and international organizations including Coca-Cola India, GIZ, and ERM.

Reading age: 3 – 7 years
Print length: 8 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 1 in.
Item weight: 10.6 oz.
Language: English
Publisher: Bigfoot Publications
Publication date: August 22, 2022

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in