Nature Immersion + Food
Homeschool Group

In our Earth Heroes Homeschool Group, children learn the language of nature and the complex role that nature plays in every area of our lives. By learning the scientific elements of nature, your child will expand their ability to understand and explain their experience of the world around them.

Our learning community of CNGF’s teachers and families centers on shared responsibility and reciprocity with nature and each other. Together we will teach children how to become better stewards of all of life.

CNGF is an Ocean Grove approved vendor. If a family would like to use Ocean Grove funds, their Education Specialist can send us a purchase order to



Gatherings are held outdoors in our ELSEE garden (Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education) weather permitting; otherwise, we will use our indoor classroom.

The California Native Garden Foundation’s ELSEE
76 Race Street
San Jose, CA


Weekly on Mondays (excluding holidays)
10am – 12:30pm

  • Ten students maximum per playgroup.
  • Siblings are welcome. A maximum of six siblings may attend each session.
  • This is a parent/guardian participation program. In the event that a parent needs to step out, another parent can be designated.

Sampling of our Lessons

Play, Movement, Activity
  • Stretching
  • Dancing
  • Mindfulness Game
  • Stretch to Refocus
  • Garden Games
  • Hide and Seek
  • Relay Race
  • Tag
  • Free Play
Garden Activity
  • Life-Cycles Observations
  • Harvesting
  • Planting Cuttings
  • Exploring – Collecting Seeds, Fallen Flowers, Fallen Leaves
  • Compost / Vermicomposting
Vegetarian / Vegan Snack*
  • Farm-to-table
  • Kids work with teachers to harvest and prepare snacks

*Food allergies are accommodated.

  • Finger Painting with Herbal Paints
  • Painting – Flour-based Paint
  • Play Dough
  • Seed Recycled Paper
  • Nature Observation Books
Spoken Word
  • Song
  • Chant
  • Story
  • Indigenous stories
Native Plant and Animal Relationship
  • Oak Trees and Scrub Jays
  • Linear Leaf Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly
  • Elderberry and Western Meadowlark
  • Pumpkin and Golden Orb Spider


Monthly Rates: $110 to $180, depending upon number of sessions
Daily Rate: $38/day


The Homeschool Group schedule coincides with the Ocean Grove school calendar.

Month of April 2024  (Apr. 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29)
$180 for all 5 sessions or $38 per session

Month of May 2024  (May 6, 13, and 20)
$110 for all 3 sessions or $38 per session

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Interested in Early Childhood Education Training - Certificate Coursework and Practicum?

Through our year-long certification program, teachers will learn the 26 physical and pedagogical components of an ELSEE (The Environmental Lab for Sustainability and Ecological Education)- and USGBC-certified outdoor classroom; they will learn to build, maintain, and teach 50 “Playing with Intent: Nature Immersion + Food” lesson plans in an ELSEE-certified outdoor classroom, and will learn how to attract community volunteers and funding to help create and maintain their teaching garden. Teachers who complete the certification will have the skills to design, create, maintain, and teach in an ELSEE-certified outdoor classroom.

Learn more here.