Educare, Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

We had a wonderful time teaching this week’s tree lesson in the gentle rain. The children couldn’t get enough of the freshly sliced oranges and apples. Learning about how oranges come from orange blossoms excited them. So much so that they nestled their baby orange blossom in a tiny leaf.


One child brought the teachers a ladybug pupa! This is when a ladybug instar transforms into ladybug beetle.

The children enjoyed partaking in tree yoga and singing the song about deciduous and evergreen trees.

Alrie led the children on a tour to explore all the different types of trees. We talked about the elder tree, fig tree, island mallow tree, bay tree, and many other trees that were present. The kids enjoyed observing the different leaf structures and collecting them.


Some children recognized the snap pea growing in the garden from our compost lesson and started snacking!

We also harvested some fava beans from the garden and tasted them together.

We had spontaneous tag fun, composted our food scraps, made ceanothus flower soap, and searched for ladybugs that were out despite the rain.