Welcome to CNGF

Welcome to the Middlebrook Center
A half-acre ecological learning center, native plant nursery and urban farm located in downtown San Jose, CA. The Middlebrook Center redefines how we utilize the land around us to provide the essential things we need to sustain our lives. It is a place of community so that others can witness, learn, and share in better way of living.
The Middlebrook Center is the host location for:
The California Native Garden Foundation: a non-profit educational, research, and resource organization that promotes gardening with California native plants, increasing their popularity and use in the designed landscape. We are devoted to educating the public and design community on the value of native gardens. Classes, field trips, lectures, garden tours, event venue, and publications are available to members, landscape professionals, and the public.
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The Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education: CNGF is the founding sponsor for ELSEE, an educational program for school children and the community that teaches sustainable urban gardening, life sciences, and eco-literacy. In the ELSEE teaching garden and learning laboratory at the Middlebrook Center, our curricula includes K-12 classes and summer camp, as well as community workshops. ELSEE is a land use model and flagship program for other teaching gardens replicated throughout California public schools, thanks to grants and public and corporate support.
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