2217 9th Avenue
San Francisco, California

(designed and built in 2007)

As the crow flies, this hillside native garden sits on a sandy bluff, not too far from the Pacific Ocean. I selected coastal bluff, coastal prairie, coastal woodland and riparian native plant communities.

Alders, Monterey cypress, vine maples, hazelnut and pink flowering currants were tree and flowering shrubs selections. Red fescue prairie grasses for a rooftop meadow was an easy solution for a green roof. The street meadow is punctuated with Nootka Reed Grass, California Fescue and Blue Rye Grass, as seen in the photo.

Doug iris, lizard tail, seaside daisy, maritima ceanothus, sea thrift, silver lupine and coastal Dudlea were my go to selections in the raised beds planters built on a steep slope in the rear garden.

The clients were an architect, his artist wife and two growing children. Great views, incredible 3-story house with many sustainable features, including radiant heat floors.


Designed by Alrie Middlebrook