Nestledown Estate, Santa Cruz Mountains
22420 Old Santa Cruz Highway
Los Gatos, California

(built in 1996-97)

This project provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for Alrie Middlebrook to design and build a themed wedding destination property in the Santa Cruz mountains above Los Gatos. The project included 14 acres of second growth coastal redwoods, an existing year round lake, and a hillside cottage.

With Middlebrook Gardens as installing contractor we were able to create:

  • A fantasy forest with whimsical animal sculptures at the entrance to a rustic cottage, framed by towering redwoods
  • A designed and planted native redwood understory amphitheater, graded with niches for benches with added dramatic redwood understory plants and rustic pathways to connect all niches
  • A winding rustic redwood staircase to provide access to the chapel area
  • A rustic redwood arbor at the edge of the lake
  • A gathering area in the amphitheater for seating and performances including bluestone patio and accent plantings
  • Hand milled redwood benches made from culled redwoods in the forest, placed in all niches
  • A rustic mine shaft entrance and storage area to accommodate all electrical and sound system for the chapel area
  • A constructed waterfall and erosion control embankment that was created with hand selected Sierra granite boulders and native erosion control redwood understory plants
  • A low voltage lighting system that was mounted 60’ above the ground on the redwood trees that provided adequate path lighting for the staircase as well as accent lighting for the chapel area.
  • A seasonal creek was constructed in the cottage area where it served as a natural drainage swale to divert run off away from the cottage and to the planting areas.
  • Accent plantings were created around a constructed second lake and a barn that was constructed for wedding venues; Multiple blue stone patios were also added to provide more outdoor gathering areas.
  • Tree houses were also built for the clients children in the large trees framing the barn.

Requires appointment. Please call Nestldown office at (408) 353-5311.