Garden Volunteer

Our gardens are located at the following sites in San Jose:

– Christian Science Church, 1807 The Alameda
– Hester Farm, 1460 The Alameda
– ELSEE, 76 Race Street
– Educare Silicon Valley, 1399 Santee Drive
– Horace Cureton Elementary, 3720 East Hills Drive

We need help with weeding, seeding, transplanting, taking cuttings, thinning, mulching, composting and planting. We also would like help organizing the nursery, propagation area and scheduling, ordering and getting systems set up. This is primarily an outdoor volunteer experience.


Farmers’ Market Volunteer

CNGF operates a farm stand on Saturday mornings at the Rose Garden Farmers’ Market located at 577 Dana Ave in San Jose.

We’d love to have you join our volunteers who operate the stand and learn more about Hester Farm, our ROA teaching farm and garden where fresh produce is harvested weekly.