► Should the Town of Los Gatos approve an ADU built on top of a new 2-car garage with covered carport that is 6″ from the base of a 200 year-old redwood tree? This new structure covers part of the critical root zone of the tree, not allowing water, fog drip, or oxygen to reach 55% of the roots.

► How valuable to our health is a heritage redwood tree that holds 250 times more carbon than any other tree? A tree that can live in a town for 1000 years if protected?

► Heritage trees add up to 19% to property values in towns like Los Gatos. Read more here.

► What happens if this tree grows into the garage and ADU? The structure is designed to last 50 years. Nature designed a structure that can last 2000 years. Which structure will better promote the health and well-being of the community?