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Our research paper submission is from Louise Daviron, our college intern from France. She is required to submit a short initial treatment of her 5th year thesis in Sustainable Agriculture. As you will readily see, in a few short weeks at California Native Garden Foundation, she has grasped the concepts of our teaching model for ROA at the Hester School which is her Thesis project.

Louise Daviron is doing research on native plant impact on urban ag

Louise’s focus is on how native plants can improve the outlook and success of the urban agriculture movement. To read her full thesis treatment please follow the link and be sure to check in for updates on Louise’s research. Thesis treatment in Sustainable Agriculture

An excerpt from her work…

The problem I will try to resolve through my master thesis will be:

In a context of global changes (climate change, migrants, urbanization, unemployment, loss of biodiversity, end of the “petro-chemical” agricultural model…), it is important to reconnect the population to food production. Urban agriculture is going to play a big role in this process. We want to see how the use of native plants, as part of the regenerative agriculture, can improve urban agriculture.

Hypothesis of positives impacts that can provide the use of native plants in agriculture:

  • Diversification of the diet,
  • Getting a healthier soil by restoring the microbial networks soil-plant,
  • increasing field resilience,
  • less needs for water and fertilization,
  • attracting native pollinators by creating habitats and food sources (insects and birds),
  • prooting of the traditional knowledges,
  • providing a habitat for the native organisms fauna (animals, bacterias, fungus) …

Hypothesis of how to get the native plants back into gardening and consuming habits:

  • educate young people
  • build a link with the native American community to learn and communicate about consumption of native food plants
  • create a network with the others urbans farms of the same city
  • the microbial interactions between native plants will make the gardening process easy

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