CNGF is pleased to support the development of a cooperative arrangement amongst families wanting to instill a lifelong connection with nature in their young children!

We offer the opportunity for families to enter into a cooperative arrangement for the care of their children. With the support of CNGF’s teachers and college interns trained in fields that include early childhood development, ecology, environmental science and landscape architecture, the members of this co-op arrangement will share responsibility for the care of all children. CNGF will inspire co-op members to facilitate the children’s engagement with sensory experiences, active and free play, indigenous stories and connections to local plants and animals, art, and growing and cooking with edible plants.

•  Begins Monday, February 7th

•  Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    9:00 am – 1:00 pm 

•  4-5 year-old students

•  12 students per class, maximum

Participation Requirement: One parent per family attends one class each week.

Classes are held outdoors, with masks, in our Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education (ELSEE) Garden, 76 Race Street in San Jose.

Due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19, we are requiring parents to be vaccinated.


3 days per week $450/month

2 days per week $300/month

1 day per week $150/month

– for one month, Feb 7-Mar 4

For each child, fill out the form below, then proceed to the payment section.


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