Plant of the month: Get your stash of agastache ready for summer

Agastache urticifolia (Horse mint or Giant Hyssop) can provide nutrients for pollinators and bright bursts of color in your native landscaping.

Some also call this mint family member “hummingbird mint” with good reason. It is a wonderful bee plant and hummingbird attractor in a sunny border. The bees and hummingbirds can’t stay away.

Use it with mountain buckwheat, penstemon, yarrow, monkey flower and verbena for show-stopping varied color for weeks in the summer months. The gallery of photos of the deep pink flowers of the species plant was taken on the Pacific Crest Trail at about 8500’.


They are 3’x4’ in the wild, but not quite as large in a garden setting. Indigenous people used its leaves for medicinal purposes.

But beyond the California native agastache variety, Suncrest Nurseries has also developed several new cultivars in a myriad of colors like salmon, red, gold and darker pink.

You can order the native variety seeds now from Theodore Payne, a foundation dedicated to native plants


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