No-till, no problem: CNGF working with Ghana’s Kofi Boa


Kofi with native hedge rows and cover crops

The Center for No-Till Agriculture near Kumasi, Ghana is the brainchild of Director Kofi Boa who has been farming since he was a child. He developed the no-till method in Ghana and has been helped in his efforts to train farmers to learn no-till by funds from the Howard Buffett Foundation.

Kofi uses cover crops to fix nitrogen. One rule of no-till is to keep the soil covered with crops all the time, continually planting and harvesting.

Storm water harvesting

The CNTA will be a partner with us this year as will the Peace Corp. Sara Rosenberg is a Peace Corp volunteer working at the CNTA. She will visit Yamoransa in May and train our farmers on CNTA methods. They can gain much experience by learning how they use cover crops to add nutrients to the soil.

Hats off to Kofi Boa and their work in Ghana and throughout Africa!


Cover crop in a plantain grove

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