California Native Garden Foundation

New programs for resilient job creation,
in partnership with CNGF and San Jose Evergreen Community College District

If you're interested in having a native garden, go here.

Our Job Creation Programs and Initiatives

In partnership with San Jose Evergreen Community College District – Workforce Institute, CNGF is developing seven resilient, ecologically-focused job tracks to equip rising professionals with the tools to solve the climate crisis.


Our partnerships and 20+ years of experience in native ecological and education gardens positions us to provide SITES certification assistance and sustainable and regenerative landscape solutions to clients.


The Center for Urban Sustainability (CUS) is a model for future land and is a vision for the current gardens at 76 Race Street in midtown San Jose, where CNGF currently operates.

ELSEE has two key components: 1) an educational garden and living laboratory; and 2) a set of curriculum to reconnect youth with nature.

Our initiative plans to build 25 intentional communities centered around ROA farms throughout the Silicon Valley by 2025.


If you are interested in having a native garden designed and built by our nonprofit—which would help these programs and initiatives—please fill out our design consultation form and receive 15% off your design fee.


Drawing by Alrie Middlebrook, Executive Director, CNGF