Earth Heroes Nature Camp

Remote Learning


Nature Camp 2021 – Remote Learning

Does your child need a fun outdoor break but you’re worried about social distancing? We have an answer! We now offer remote outdoor learning by watching live camp students do hands-on projects with college interns at several locations. We will be producing how-to videos daily with students attending live nature camp.

For $100/week/student, your child will have access to our exclusive YouTube home learning Channel (protected). It will be filled with cool project-based learning videos! This is part of a larger program at CNGF called Teaching Nature for classroom teachers. Many of our interns are teaching majors and curriculum creators. Their majors include biology, plant science, environmental science and sustainable agriculture.

In addition to Earth Heroes campers, our exclusive YouTube home learning video channel is available to children whose parents wish to enroll them in our STEAM education homeschooling program.

Guest mentors, including aquaponics engineers, beekeepers, earth rangers, urban farmers, chicken and fish experts, and plant experts, will be leading projects. If you need a hand with new ideas for home schooling, sign up for our Remote Earth Heroes Nature Camp!

Some advantages of remote learning:

• COVID 19 may have delayed your child from learning the science standards for his/her grade this year. Remote learning will help your child catch up.
• Remote learning may enable your child to surge ahead in the next grade.
• We teach STEAM requirements outdoors in our ELSEE teaching garden.

To register for remote learning nature camp, go here and select “Remote Learning” in the drop down menus. If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected]