Native Wildlife Neighborhood: Establish a tapestry of native landscape in the city

We want you to be part of our neighborhood—the Native Wildlife Neighborhood.

Even though ditching the lawn has become much more popular, many Bay Area neighborhoods are still blanketed with well-trimmed, emerald grass. This throwback to the English garden is not only water intense but it doesn’t provide much for our most vulnerable neighbors—insects, birds, and other small wildlife.

Now, imagine a tapestry of native gardens in San Jose’s suburbs with perhaps one yard hosting milkweed and silverbush lupine that nourish local butterflies, and another yard lush with deer grass inhabited by native lizards.

A greater selection of indigenous and at-risk wildlife can be supported by planting a wide spectrum of California natives in yards throughout one neighborhood.

On its own, one native landscape can make an impact. But with a network of habitat we can make a very big, lasting difference. This is beneficial not only to reviving native species but to saving residents money and effort. Less water…no mowing!

We are on a mission to support biodiversity and help insects, birds and lizards thrive in the city. We need to get residents and gardeners on board to build a quilt of native landscape.

If you have a native garden and would like to see more native wildlife habitat in your community, please contact Debra Keifel at [email protected] or [email protected]

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