Mindfulness, yoga and preschool coming to Race Street garden

Middlebrook Garden is gaining a new partner and venturing down new paths! Meet Jennifer Jeffcoat who will soon lead a variety of classes aimed at fostering mindfulness in our lives. Yoga and even a co-op preschool will soon be held onsite at the garden.

“Jennifer’s life journey has been her biggest teacher for healing self, parenting her two beautifully gifted children and working with others.

Her 20 years of experience includes teaching in her Waldorf-inspired parent preschool, guiding teachers at the Montessori College on natural movement in children, developing Mind & Body Kidz Yoga(TM), and facilitating parents in mindful childbirth and parenting.

She understands that the experience of life is not an isolated segment but a continuum. It is a relationship that flows naturally to conception with pregnancy, flowing into birth, postpartum and raising children. It is a continuous process that is woven into life, and by evoking the empowerment of the mind, body and spirit we live a Whole Life.

Jennifer is honored and excited in partnering with ELSEE and Middlebrook Gardens–it’s a dream come true.  It will allow for the local community to truly experience the interconnections in local ecology being a direct reflection of local health ecology.

Through a Mindful and Ecological community-based program we can bring not only the community to a sustainable place of health but the world. ”

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