Meet Louise, visiting from France for a CNGF internship

My name is Louise, I am 22 years old, and I am in my 5th year of an engineering school (ISARA Lyon) of sustainable agriculture in the city of Lyon, France. I came here in San Jose to do my 6 months professional work and final internship. While I am here, I will learn all the aspects of regenerative agriculture using native plants.

I will also have the opportunity to experiment my learning, as I will be in charge of getting Hester School’s garden become a real mini-regenerative farm before I go back to France at the end of August!

I plan to use as many edible native plants as possible, as I am very interested in exploring the Californian Native Americans diet. We also plan to install a storm water management system and a vermi-compost on the site.

During my five years studies, I understood that our way of producing food needs to change, and I am sure that urban regenerative agriculture is an essential tool to fight global warming all around the world, to empower communities and to reconnect people to nature.

I don’t know yet what my future will be about, but I do know I want to educate people to take the control over the food they eat every day. I want to help them to understand that trough the food they buy, they vote for a food model they believe in. And beside this food model, it’s a vote for the kind of relationship we, as human, want to have with our planet, and with all the other living being we share this place with.


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