Historic homes, gardens in Santa Clara County eyed for restoration

This month, we had the pleasure of visiting two historic properties that would benefit from significant restoration and TLC.

CNGF was invited to see these properties with the goal of restoring the landscapes as well as creating native gardens, regenerative farming elements and sustainable solutions.

The first one, the Snyder-Hammond historical home is located in Cupertino near the cement factory and Stevens Creek dam. It is the oldest house in Cupertino and in need of complete architectural restoration. The Santa Clara Valley Bee Guild is considering claiming this historic property as a BEE HOUSE for educational purposes. It is located on one acre of land that is currently overrun with invasive species. There are also large sections of the acreage covered with concrete.

The second home we visited was the Ashworth Remillard home, which is on the registrar of historic places in San Jose. This property is managed by devoted and hardworking local resident Sue Cazzone. 

Both of these homes and gardens could be used for teaching and training of our youth and as sites for community events as well as weddings and corporate retreats. They could stand as preserved historical properties, honoring the past but respecting a hopeful future as 21st century land stewards. It’s a hope to restore these properties according to our vision statement supporting Eco-village models.

We know it will take a village of many community members as well as local, regional and national support to restore these homes and gardens. By forming networks of skilled people and institutional support, nothing is beyond the reach of a shared vision.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at 408-666-1518 or [email protected]



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