Garden partner Singing Frogs Farm finds success with no till

Interns and MBG staff listening to Rose, SFF manager

In addition to native gardens, we’ll be featuring some of our garden partners in the eco-village model, both here at the Middlebrook Center and future eco-villages in planning stages around the valley.

To celebrate our summer interns’ successful completion of their program, we toured three outstanding examples of eco-village gardens in September.

Singing Frogs Farm, owned and managed by Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser is our featured garden this month. The Kaisers and their outstanding team have practiced no-till farming for 7 of the 10 years they’ve owned the land—with three of eight acres in full no-ill production.

They produce roughly $100,000 in vegetable sales per crop acre each year at their Sebastopol operation and have steadily built up their soil’s health since they switched to no till. The average organic farm income per year is $13,000 to 18,000 per acre.

We hope you’ll visit their website and learn how three basic principles are changing agriculture: little disturbance to soil, ground coverage and great diversity of plants in the ground.

Singing Frogs Farm keeps a diverse group of plants in the soil


Poly culture cropping 3-7 harvests /year for each bed
Holding plants until they are larger shortens their grow time in the soil to under 30 days for 39-45 day crops


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