Alrie’s December Message: Looking Back and Looking Forward to the Eco-Village

We’ve had amazing accomplishments in 2017.

Our team of grant writers and technical consultants produced an 80-page vision statement defining our eco-village model. This model utilizes biomimicry to create sustainable urban villages that are designed to meet the life cycle needs of all the people who live there.

In other words, through thoughtful ecological design and implementation we are able to accomplish a myriad of goals like: restoring soil systems; cleaning the air; capturing, holding, cleaning and reuse of storm water and grey water; handling waste on site and converting it to energy without costly infrastructure.

We can do this while restoring the local native landscape and designing, building, and operating a regenerative farm system that can produce seven times more food than other farm models. We are using only renewable energy, and using alternative transportation.

We are championing ecoliteracy/reconnection of children to nature and conducting human health and well-being programs for residents on a daily basis.

The simple principle is that when we restore nature first, the people who live on healthy land will be healthy too! And creating these kind of villages in Silicon Valley will reduce CO2 emissions by 86 percent over current building practices.

We were so inspired by achieving our ecosystem restoration model that we kept going and designed the Kalana Eco-Village Regenerative Farm model.

This is an investment opportunity and we want you to be part of our accomplishments in the New Year. If you would like to invest in our farm model, we hope to build 25-30 of these urban agriculture models in the next five years. We project that any conscientious capitalist who invests in this model will get a 10 percent return on your investment. Please contact me to view the model and a 10-year pro-forma.

Finally, due to the delays in the Santa Clara Agrihood project, which aimed to be the first sustainable urban eco-village model, we decided to launch the first model in San Jose right here at the Middlebrook Center at 76 Race Street.

We now have seven successful businesses operating from here, each valuing this kind of land use.

Please come to our Maker’s Faire this Saturday, Dec. 9 and purchase some lovely handmade gifts from almost 20 vendors.

Meet our other partners and have some homemade pizza. Make a donation to our work.

We have a solution to global warming, right here in San Jose. Help us get 25 of these healthy land use models in San Jose built in the next five years.

All we need is for local people to step up and invest in our land. There are 330 acres of open land in San Jose, a lot that are classified as urban agriculture incentive zones.

What are you waiting for? The future is now!!

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