Earth Hero's Nature Camp

2020 Schedule will be available in the Spring

Nature Camp: Nature + Food + Mindfulness

This year’s Nature Camp highlights:

  • Focus on the Heroes Badge Program, with an increased number of badges to earn with outdoor lessons and projects
  • Mindfulness and local ecology lessons will serve to heighten the children’s understanding of the world around them
  • Guest chefs will be here to teach children how to cook with plants from the garden, including native edibles
  • Guest beekeeper will share honey farming knowledge
  • Storytelling from indigenous California leaders
  • Visit to Hester Farms
  • Explore along the nearby Guadalupe River as part of our Grow Ancestral Plants badge

…and so much more!

Earn Earth Heroes Badges

Our Earth Heroes program is an exciting opportunity for the children to learn and develop skills catered towards sustainable land management and ecological land use. This summer, Earth Heroes will engage in a variety of outdoor skills at Middlebrook Center, San Jose’s first eco-village, affording the opportunity for children to earn up to 30 badges, including:

  • Grow Trees
  • Grow Veggies
  • Keep Bees
  • Compost
  • Grow Native Plants
  • Harvest Veggies
  • Aquaponics Farming
  • Collect Seeds
  • Analyze Soils
  • Manage Storm Water
  • Grow Ancestral Plants
  • Build an Erosion Control Garden
  • Learn About the Solar System
  • Raise Small Animals
  • Keep a Journal
  • Learn About Your Local Ecology
  • Do a Research Project
  • Learn About Life Cycles
  • Recycle Plastics
  • Learn About the Water Cycle
  • Learn About Wild Animals
  • Identify Edible and Medicinal Plants
  • Track Animals
  • Learn About Ecology
  • Beekeeping
  • Cooking with Biogas
  • Creating Your Own Farmer’s Market
  • Junior Camp Counselor Program for 13 and 14 year-olds: This training will cover all topics, including how to design, build and manage a regenerative farm. They work with members of the Hoover Middle School climate smart club to prepare them for the task of tearing out their school lawn and building a regenerative farm.


Weekly camp rates: $360
Early drop-off at 8:30 am: $15/day
Late afternoon pick-up until 5:00 pm: $15/day