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Today I am in Ghana to work again with our Green Club team on their garden plots continued development.

This year we reach sustainability! 10 young farmers working 15 plots will produce revenue from all 15 plots. They are having a contest to see which one can produce the most income.  They each have kept journals of crops planted, harvested and sold. They have started two nurseries so they are now growing all their seedlings.

We began 4 years ago with this:

And this year we have this!

2017 is a crucial year. We are meeting with the Yamoransa Elders Council to request permission to add new components to the Garden for Ghana program. Rainwater catchment and composting toilets are two additional programs that will conserve water, use waste for fuel and fertilizer and reduce CO2 emissions.

We are working with a new collaborator, the Center for No Till Agriculture, led by Kofi Boa. Working with Sarah Rosenberg, a Peace Corp Volunteer, Sarah and her team will give a training course to our Green Club members in Yamoransa. Godfred, my assistant and I will travel to CNTA to meet Kofi, Sarah and his staff. His program is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. Howard is world renown for his support of sustainable agriculture.

We also hope to meet with the director of Ghana’s Youth Employment Agency in Accra. We had a very productive meeting during my last visit to Ghana. We are seeking collaborations with YEA and CNTA as a part of our SOFT training program here in Silicon Valley that we plan to implement in Ghana as well. We are also planning garden programs in India, France, Mexico and Japan. All we need is support to make these projects happen.

We will meet with the School of Agriculture and Public Health faculty at Cape Coast University to discuss research projects and internships for our Garden for Ghana program. From the beginning our Green Club labor force has been supplemented by Cape Coast college students helping to build fences, plant trees, prepare the beds, do erosion control projects and work with the school classes.

We will also be adding more new species of native edible and medicinal plants to our garden plots.

Our Garden for Ghana program happens because of YOUR contributions.

Will you make a generous donation this year? Your funds go for fences, truck rentals, manure, training programs, food, water, tools and equipment, project management, gasoline, lodging for students, seeds and plants. I pay all my own travel expenses.

If you make a donation of $250.00 or more, you will receive a copy of Ghana:Everyday Life by my dear friend, Philippe Kraldolfer, renowned African photographer. To see it, go to




Thanks so much.

Alrie Middlebrook
The California Native Garden Foundation

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