Gearing Up for Our New Pop-Up Kitchen

The County of Santa Clara’s Food Systems Resiliency Grant Program awarded CNGF funds to support an 18-month project, aimed at addressing local food insecurity, food waste, food sovereignty, nature preservation, human health and well-being, social justice, and ultimately the climate crisis in Santa Clara County. With these funds, we will establish a central kitchen for cooking and sharing native and indigenous foods, as well as creating and sharing recipes from the many cultures living here. Our farm sites not only preserve traditional culinary knowledge but also promote the consumption of locally adapted, resilient food varieties. This initiative can stimulate heightened demand for native and indigenous crops, nurturing their cultivation and conservation.

Our chef, with expertise in indigenous culinary skills, will create a pop-up kitchen to be transported from our central kitchen to 13 other farm sites. This stand-alone mobile kitchen will be used for food preparation, food safety, serving, and teaching about cooking with up to 200 foods grown and served at outdoor community events. Our outdoor mobile kitchen will be used at our seven Urban Growers Network sites as well as our six Build 25 sites.