agrihood-coupleCNGF is helping to develop the Santa Clara Agrihood project, both in design and technical expertise for creating a regenerative farm model and building community partnerships. This is a model we can use with other developers and community partners. CNGF is launching SULRI and SOFT in California and Ghana in addition to having plans for France and Tokyo.


elsee-6The Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education (ELSEE) is the model of a garden that does two important things:

  • Serves as a laboratory for learning science, nutrition, and sustainability
  • Promotes land utilization by preserving native biodiversity, growing local sustainable food, and protecting ecosystem services

Garden for Ghana


The project is based on a “garden model”. The University of Cape Coast has refined and optimized the model to fulfill Ghana’s needs by adjusting for local conditions (e.g.   Soil management, nutritional and medical needs, crop management, ecology”). Yamoransa is the “initial” place in Africa for these gardens to be implemented with the goal that by sharing the experiences and benefits the model will be accepted and implemented in other areas.

One reason for the project’s success is the commitment of local and global partners to work together to achieve the common goals. People from many different backgrounds are planning, digging, composting, planting, and teaching together to make a difference.

Garden Rentals

elsee-7The ELSEE garden is available for kids and adult birthday parties, corp team building events, wedding and anniversary parties, and pop up events for local community groups.

We have kitchen facilities and a wood fired Italian pizza. Outdoor dining, guest chefs, music, performers, well maintained native gardens and 26 different garden venues help educate and entertain each guest.

Kids’ After School Camp

afterschoolcampThere are two sessions which consist of 4 weeks 10/15 – 11/17 and 11/29 – 12/22. Snacks will be provided to the children. Children will have a lot of fun as it is a native garden with a lot of native plants, chickens, rabbits, and Aquaponics system along with a large area of land to play and explore new things. The camp will be conducted at our garden which is Middlebrook Gardens 76 Race Street, San Jose, CA, 95126.

Kids’ Class Field Trips

class-field-tripsAs the years have gone by, our Teaching garden called ELSEE keeps growing and keeps becoming more beautiful. It started to look a lot different than any other property in our neighborhood. Now folks know if you’re looking for nature in the city, it thrives here!

Every day we can show over 200 ways we are using our land to sequester more carbon, promote biodiversity and teach our children how our planet functions so efficiently, always renewing itself and constantly reusing all its waste, saving its water, reusing it and providing food for all creatures who call Earth home.

Kids’ Educational Design Grants

2014-04-26-10-52-03We strive to build our garden program from the ground up by creating passionate engagement with a group of core volunteers at each school. This process allows each individual volunteer to gain ownership in the transformation. First as individuals, who are supported by a cohesive team, they are able to make a personal commitment to the long term stewardship of the garden classroom.

Kids’ Nature Camp

nature-campOur teaching garden has been full of activity the past few summers. We have experienced teaching docents and college student interns who have worked in our garden daily. They are involved in learning about edible and native plants, designing gardens, and developing school curriculum. Our Nature Discovery Camp is a part of all this activity, so students who attend can absorb the energy and the knowledge from this talented group of people. This program is part of our commitment to design and install teaching gardens in over 9 public schools over the course of the next year. Proceeds from our summer program go directly to our non-profit organization, the California Native Garden Foundation, helping to make our beneficial
 program a reality in our public schools


softSustainable Organic Farm Training (SOFT) is a program that CNGF envisions as a program that brings research and applied scientist and organic farmers together to provide the technical training at the regenerative farm, in the classroom, and other existing and future farms here and internationally.


eventsResearch and training programs can be offered at each farm’s location based on the local soils, their microbiology and climate conditions, native plants, and local ecosystems.. SULRI collaborations can be developed with the academic institutions of each region, especially those within close proximity to each model site.


Learn about sustainability, native gardens, local species, landscape design, aquaponics, etc while helping implement and maintain various native gardens!