Yamaronsa ‘Back To Our Roots’ T-Shirt

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CNGF’s official T-Shirt.



When I thought about how to convey our Garden for Ghana project with an image for a T-Shirt, these are the elements I chose:

• A baobab tree that grows naturally in the coastal zone of Ghana
• Big powerful roots to hold the soil in place, store water, prevent erosion and allow this tree to live 1000 years
• Ripe fruit of the baobab that has more vitamin C than orange juice
• The leaves of orange fleshed sweet potatoes, a super food that builds good eye site, especially for children
• Blades of native grasses growing under the baobab tree that prevent erosion and hold water.
• The village of Yamoransa, Ghana, its colorful houses and golden soil.

– Alrie Middlebrook

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL.
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